10 Best And Cheapest Domain Registrar in 2020

Are you in a hurry and want to get the answer right now? Porkbun.com is the best and cheapest domain registrar. It’s most affordable in the present market and If you compare the price of the same domain extension with other registrars, you will too conclude porkbun.com as the cheapest and best.

We have used many domain registrars and we will share our experience with you. Before we dive to it first let’s know the basic things which we should know.

A domain is the address of your website. People will find your business in that address. Before you launch any business online or you want to create a website for you, you need that domain name, Like example.com.

In this post, we will talk about the deal of .com domain because this is the most popular domain extension in the world.

If you want to create your website, it may be your personal website, portfolio website, business website, you should go for .com domain name.

Best And Cheapest Domain providers(In short)

1. Porkbun.com:- Most affordable registrar, Easy checkout process, Free privacy protection, No upsells.

2. Bluehost.com:- This is the best service when you are buying a domain with web hosting. Bluehost offers a free domain name for 1 year.

3. Namecheap:- Easy interface, WhoisGuard( privacy protection) free forever, Less upsells, cheap.

4. Namesilo:- Cheap price and cheap renewal cost, custom nameserver, Free privacy protection, cheaper than Namecheap.

5. Domain.com:- Reliable and cheap but doesn’t offer free privacy protection, fewer upsells.

6. GreenGeeks:- This is not for a domain registrar, but if you plan to buy web hosting, GreenGeeks offers 1 domain name free for 1 year. The cost of this hosting is also lesser than Bluehost.

7. Godaddy:- Very reliable and managing over 40M+ domains, high upsells, doesn’t offer free whoisguard.

8. OVH:- Reliable European domain registrar, Free privacy protection, Cheap domain price, Less upsells(Hosting).

9. Hover:- Hover is also a reliable and cheap domain provider. It offers free privacy protection

10. Gandi:- Easy interface, Offers many free services with every domain name, quite a high price.

What are the things you should look for when buying domain names?

There is no doubt that buying a domain name is the first step if you want to create a website. But whenever you are looking for some best domain registrars, you should also look for certain criteria.

1. Registrar is ICANN Accredited & Reliable:-

Before you go for any domain provider, make sure that the company is ICANN Accredited and also go through some reviews of that particular registrar. Because there are many registrars who scam with their customers. They add some add-on services or their builder and at the last, they make it mandatory for their user.

Now, you can imagine how painful it would be if you are seriously wanting to start your own business and this type of scam happens. We know some names of those providers, but We don’t want to expose them here.

Rather, we will be suggesting you the best provider where you don’t have to take any extra worry. You know that best and cheapest conflict with each other, but after we reveal the list we will become wonder too.

2. Easy Domain Transfers:-

A good domain registrar should have an easy domain transfer system like Porkbun.com or Godaddy.com. They allow their customer to transfer their domain so easily that they don’t even have to worry a bit.

But there are many providers who first say that there is no hidden charge or anything. But at the last when you try to transfer the domain name, they charge or blackmail. So you should always be aware of such providers. As we have already mentioned that we are not going to reveal any name or expose someone, rather we will suggest you some best and cheapest domain name registrars where you don’t have to face any problem.

Recently, we have transferred our one domain from Godaddy to Porkbun and it successfully transferred to porkbun within 3-4 days. The reason for transferring was high renewal charge. As we were getting a more special deal in porkbun.

3. Support:-

It’s very rare that you have to contact support for domain-related issues. But we have to always keep in mind “If”. Sometimes for some glitches, you purchase the domain name but it is not shown in the dashboard, or you can find any other related issues too. In that case, you need to contact to support chat.

As the domain is the main property, Your all work will be pending if you got any domain-related issue. That’s the reason, we always prefer those registrars who are supportive.

5. Affordable Renewal Price:-

There are many registrars who offer you at a cheap price but that price is applicable for first year only. After the first year, they keep a high renewal charge for that particular domain name. In case, you don’t want to transfer your domain name to a new registrar, or you don’t want these complex procedures, you shouldn’t go for that particular registrar.

So, it’s recommended that you check the renewal price when you are buying for the first year. Though always remember, that you will have an option to transfer the domain name before domain gets expired.

6. Add-on Services:-

Domain registrars offer many services(i.e- website builder, domain privacy, etc.) when you buy a domain from that. This is called add-on services. There is no mandatory in these things, but if any company or provider is forcing you to pay for the add-on services, then don’t go for that registrar.

But, if you need any of these, you should purchase them, no doubt.

Best And Cheapest Domain registrar and what makes them best?

We have already mentioned all the reliable and cheapest domain providers above. But in this field, We will be discussing what makes them best and why you should purchase your domain name from them.

If you want to purchase a domain from other providers that are not listed above, you can go with them. But make sure that they fulfil all the requirements that we have made above. They must be reliable, Easy domain name transfers, Accredited by ICANN, etc.

Now, Let’s explore all the providers point to point. So that you will not have any doubt.

1. Porkbun:-

Porkbun Cheapest Domain registrar

Porkbun is one of the most affordable domain name registrars in the market. It is also ICANN accredited and very much reliable. So, if you are thinking to buy the domain but worrying if it’s a trusted provider or not, then be free and buy your desired domain.

At the beginning of every business, the business owner doesn’t have more money to invest. So, for those, we see porkbun is the only solution because it offers a very cheap price.

Now let’s have a look at what features we will get if we buy a domain from porkbun.


  • Whois Privacy.
  • Email Forwarding.
  • URL Forwarding.
  • Quick Connect.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Powerful Management Console.
  • Site Builder Trial.
  • Web Hosting Trial.
  • Email Hosting Trial.

These are the features that Porkbun offers to its users. Let’s have some more explaining about these features, So you will have a great idea about these topics.

1. Whois Privacy:-

When you will go to buy a domain name, you have to fill your personnel details like email, mobile number, address, etc.

Many companies charge to hide this information to be showed. So, if you don’t pay them the money they will not protect your information and it will be available in the internet.

But as we already told that porkbun is the most trusted registrar, so it does offer privacy protection for free forever as long as the domain is registered with porkbun.

2. Email Forwarding:-

When you buy a domain name, you can create your own custom email by that domain. Like we can create [email protected] 

Many providers allow us to create this custom email but they don’t allow forwarding email. Forwarding email means you can forward all your incoming emails to your main email account. So, it will be easy to manage them all.

So, this service is fully free in porkbun.

3. URL Forwarding:-

Many business owners want to shift their business in a new domain name. In that case, you can redirect your old URL to a new one, so it will not harm you in randing or you will not face any duplicate content issue.

Though many companies offer this facility, but to remind you that porkbun is on the list as well.

4. Free SSL Certificate:-

SSL certificate helps you to secure your connection between you and your users. Nowadays almost all the modern browsers show if any website is secured or not. They detect it through SSL activation.

If your site is using any SSL, then it will show https and will mark it as safe and secured. Also, this is a ranking factor in Google. So, if you want to rank in google, google says that you must have an SSL certificate.

Here porkbun offers it for free. So, in a word, you will hardly find a registrar who offers more facilities at this price.

Note:- If the hosting provider from where you have bought, offering a free SSL certificate, then it will not be an issue. You can activate SSL manually, but it’s good though if the domain registrar is offering SSL.

5. Some Free Add-On:-

Also, you can see above that porkbun is offering some free trial of its product. Those are site builder trials, web hosting trial, and email hosting trial. Porkbun doesn’t charge for these, if you are interested, then you can have a test.

Porkbun Prices:-

First Year Price4.15$3.90$7.62$7.50$
Renewal Price8.56$10.54$10.70$21.91$

2. Bluehost.com:-

Bluehost Best Domain and Hosting Provider

As we have already said, if you are thinking of buying web hosting after buying a domain name, then Bluehost will be the best choice of yours.

Bluehost offers a free domain name if you buy any of their hosting plans. Bluehost’s hosting is good for every level of business owner. You can buy any plan which you think you need.

But for a small business or a blog site, a shared hosting plan is good to go. So, if you are thinking of buying web hosting after purchasing the domain name, you should go for Bluehost for domain and hosting. Because you will get the domain name for free.

In order to get your domain name free from Bluehost, you have to go to the hosting section and select shared hosting. Now choose any of the plans according to your requirements.

After that, you will get two options for the domain. One is to create a new domain and the other is using a domain that you own.

As you have not purchased any domain name, so you have to select to create a new domain. Now search for your desired domain and proceed further.

Here is a full guide:- How to get a domain name for free.

Go through it and follow all steps and you will get your desired domain name for free. And you can start creating your website because when you purchase a domain and hosting from the same registrar you don’t have to worry about the nameserver update or any other configuration.

Overall, you have to pay 71.40$ for buying web hosting, and as we already said the domain name is free.

First of all, there will be many addons which will cost you more than this amount. But you have to deselect them and you will earn this deal.

So, at a glance, what type of deal will you get from Bluehost?

  • You will get a free domain name.
  • The hosting plan is also cheap and good to go.
  • Bluehost is an ICANN Accredited company, so it’s obviously reliable.
  • Bluehost is powering 2M websites on the internet.

3. Namecheap:-

namecheap homepage

Name itself is saying that you will get every deal at a cheap price. Apart from all, Namecheap is a very reliable and old domain registrar. It’s an ICANN Accredited company and millions of domains are registered on Namecheap.

If you have any problem with the above two companies, go with NameCheap. Here you will get an amazing deal for your business name.

Here is the price overview of Namecheap.

First Year Price8.88$11.99$12.98$7.98$
Renewal Price12.98$14.98$14.98$25.98$

These are the overview of some top-level domain names. You can also check on their official website.

Some Extra services that Namecheap offers:-

1. Free Whoisguard:-

Namecheap protects your personal information like porkbun for free. Like other registrars, you don’t have to pay for hiding your personnel information to people. So, that’s a great feature in Namecheap.

2. Premium DNS:-

In general, every registrar or domain provider will give you free DNS. But as per as premium DNS is concerned, Premium DNS allows you to configure more advanced.

Premium DNS provides the best service level agreement, 100% uptime, speed up your website, advanced security and you will get more advanced nameservers set up with better website performance.

If you want to buy this service, you can add this to your cart while buying the domain name from NameCheap. It will cost 4.88$ per year. If you ask us if you should purchase this or not, we will say “No” for a beginner who is just starting out, but if you are quite experienced in this field or want to test then, you are welcome.

In our website hostwebster.com, we are not using any premium DNS set up.

3. Web Hosting:-

In add-on services, you will see that Namecheap is promoting its shared hosting plan. If you have already decided which hosting you are going to buy, then don’t cart it. Else, If you have a very low budget for starting and running your site, and there will be fewer resources on your website, then you can buy their hosting.

At this cheap price, Namecheap is the best. But if you are serious about your business, we always recommend you to go with Siteground. But, But, But,

If you don’t have a budget to buy siteground, Go with Bluehost, they offer a free domain name for 1 year with their hosting plan. Also, their hosting is good too.

4. VPN:-

For security and privacy purposes, Namecheap offers VPN services to their customers. So, anyone can’t track your IP address or logs. The main amazing thing is that they offer unlimited devices and unlimited bandwidth. So, you can browse or access your site openly.

But also, there will be no issue if you don’t purchase VPN. You are open to uncheck that. But they offer30 days money-back guarantee. That means you are getting a free trial of 30 days. So, if you want to test, you are good to go with that.

5. Email Hosting:-

For your personal and business needs, you need to create a professional email with your domain name. Like we created [email protected] So, while you are buying the domain name, you can also buy the email hosting plan for that domain name.

Namecheap offers 2 months of free trial for any of the email plans.

But, if you buy web hosting for that domain from any provider, you will get that email hosting for free. So, if you are planning to buy web hosting after you buy the domain name, we would say don’t buy an email hosting plan. But as it is free for 2 months, you can try and use it.

6. SSL:-

While we were talking about the porkbun, we told everything about SSL. If you are purchasing hosting from a good company like siteground, Bluehost, they offer SSL for free. So, you don’t need to purchase SSL with the domain name. Also, you can use Cloudflare for securing your website.

7. Support:-

Namecheap offers 24/7 chat support. Yes, Namecheap doesn’t provide call support. But from our experience, their chat support replies within a minute and if you face any problem, they will try to solve that immediately. 

So, after all, Namecheap is a very good registrar to buy a domain name. You can also transfer your domain name from other registrars if you notice that Namecheap is giving an amazing deal.

4. Namesilo:-

namesilo homepage

(Use Code “HostWEBSTER” for extra 1$ discount)

Namesilo is also one of the reliable companies that offer domain names at a cheap price. Though it’s not so popular like Namecheap or Godaddy, but they are providing amazing deals. They are also ICANN Accredited and millions of domains are registered in Namesilo.

They got an easy interface and easy procedure to buy a domain name. Let’s have a price overview of Namesilo.

First Year Price8.99$11.79$10.79$22.69$
Renewal Price8.99$11.79$10.79$22.69$

This is the overview of Namesilo Pricing for top-level domain names. If you need to know the price of any other extension then you can visit their website Namesilo.com.

They also offer bulk domain registration, so if you have a list of domains that need to be bought, then you can list them and upload the list.

Some add-on services that they offer:-

1. Premium site builder for 4.74$/month that includes 3 websites, cpanel+website builder tool, free email and Easy WordPress installation( Hosting Plan)

2. Ecommerce plan for 10.29$/month that includes 10 websites, cpanel+website builder tool, free email, easy WordPress installation and SSL. (Hosting plan)

(You can check more by clicking here)

3. SSL certificate for 0.80$/month and premium DNS for 0.75$/month.

4. They provide free whoisguard with domain purchasing. So, you don’t have to worry about your personal details.

But these addons are not recommended to buy. We don’t recommend buying hosting from here. It’s better to go with a good web hosting company.

As we already know that when we buy web hosting and domain from a different provider, you have to update the nameserver. But the updating process takes up to 48 hours. 

But here Namesilo allows us to enter custom nameservers. That means if you have already bought hosting then you can connect your domain to hosting very quickly.

Have you noticed the most amazing part of Namesilo? 1st-year price and renewal price are the same. That means you are buying the domain at a cheap price and you will be buying with the same. Isn’t it amazing?

So, if you want to buy a domain name from Namesilo, go with it.


5. Domain.com :-

domain homepage

Domain.com was founded in 1998 and since then it’s reigning the domain industry. People love to buy domains from here for its easy interface and as it is an old registrar.

With domain purchasing, you will get these features for free:-

  • URL Forwarding.
  • Email Forwarding.
  • Transfer Lock.
  • Total DNS Management.

Let’s see the pricing overview of Domain.com,

First Year Price9.99$12.99$8.99$10.99$
Renewal Price9.99$12.99$14.99$26.99$

Disadvantage:- Domain.com doesn’t provide free privacy protection. If you want to buy privacy protection from them, they will charge 8.99$. That means though it’s more popular than other companies, the deal isn’t more amazing than other companies. But if you don’t have any problem with privacy protection, then you can go with domain.com.

Service Add-ons by Domain.com:-

Like other companies, Domain.com also offers some add-ons services. If you like those services, you can add them to the cart to buy them with the domain.

1. G suite By Google Cloud:-

If you want to create a professional domain-based email account, then you can purchase this. Else, don’t purchase. Because for personal purposes, when you will buy hosting, you will get email hosting for free. Else, Domain.com will cost 6.00$/mo.

2. website Builder:-

Domain.com offers its own website builder if you want to buy them. There are three types of plan- Starter(1.99$/mo), Business(6.99$/mo) and eCommerce(12.99$/mo). All these plans come with unlimited storage, customizable layouts, over 550k images, Fully mobile responsive, and SSL certificate.

3. Web Hosting:-

Are you going to buy hosting from here? Obviously not! But if you want to run a simple website, then why not? Because it’s looking cheaper than other providers. Yet, let’s see what specifications they are offering to their customers.

There are three plans-


This is the basic plan for 1 website. If you need a simple or portfolio website, then you can go with this hosting plan. They are offering-

  • 1 website.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Scalable Bandwidth.
  • 10GB Databases.
  • Free SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt.
  • 5 FTP Logins

In this hosting plan you can run multiple sites. If you want to host more than one site or you want to make some demo sites to show your clients, it’s good to go. They are offering-

  • Unlimited Websites.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Scalable Bandwidth.
  • 25GB Databases.
  • Free SSL Certificate by Let’s encrypt.
  • 25 FTP Logins.

If you own a website that is getting heavy traffic, then you can go with this plan. Let’s see what they are offering.

  • Unlimited Websites.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Scalable bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Databases.
  • Free SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt.
  • Unlimited FTP Logins.

These are a brief overview of the hosting plan that Domain.com offers. Though it’s only popular for the domain name only but if you want to test it, you can go with it. Else, as we have already told, go with siteground or Bluehost.

4. SSL Certificate:-

Good web hosting company like Sieground, Bluehost or GreenGeeks, offer free SSL Certificate with their hosting plan. So, you don’t need to buy SSL with the domain name.

5. SiteLock:-

Sitelock is a tool that protects your website from attackers. It scans and detects malware in the website and removes them as soon as possible. It also protects your website from Bot traffic attack and DDoS attack. You can also purchase it later if you think you should, But for now skip it and proceed to buy the domain name.

So, If we have to conclude, we would say there will be no problem with buying domains from Domain.com. But why to buy a domain name from here if you are getting a better deal from another? It’s up to you if you want to buy it from here.

6. GreenGeeks:-


GreenGeeks is not a domain registrar. Yes, it’s not but it offers a free domain name for 1 year. We think saving money in the beginning is a great idea and investing those saving money wisely is more amazing. Isn’t it?

That’s the reason we are informing you about these providers who offer the domain name for free and your domain will be safe there. And at the starting of your business, you can save some money.

We talked with their customer support about domain transfers. They said after one year when the domain name has to be renewed, you can transfer your domain to another registrar if you want. So, think once how amazing this deal is.

The renewal cost of the domain name is 13$ something. So, it’s not a huge amount, and we expect you will earn more in the first year, so you will not have a problem renewing the domain name.

Here is the full guide, how you can get a domain name for free. You can go through this. We have included the process of Bluehost and GreenGeeks in that article.

If you are thinking about support, Their support is amazing. You will get your reply within 30 seconds and they will try their best to solve your queries or problems. Also, their hosting service is amazing at a similar price compared to the market.

7. Godaddy:-


If you are not new in domain name buying, you had probably heard the name “Godaddy”. Yes, Godaddy is a very old and reliable domain registrar. Over 62m domains are being managed over here. Also, it’s an ICANN accredited Company.

Let’s see the pricing overview of Godaddy domain.

First Year Price11.99$12.99$9.99$11.99$
Renewal Price17.99$19.99$20.99$34.99$

Disadvantage:- Godaddy doesn’t provide free domain privacy. To purchase the domain privacy you have to pay 9.99$/yr. That’s quite high in comparison to the market price. While you can get a domain name with a privacy policy at this price, why should you pay for this? 

But, yes, Godaddy is reliable and many people like their easy to use interface. So, if you like to buy from Godaddy, then there will be no problem in the future and your domain is fully safe. But whether you buy or not, let’s have some deep insight into Godaddy services that Godaddy offers with its domain name.

Some add-on services that Godaddy offers:-

1. Full Domain Privacy And Protection:-

Though it’s an optional feature but it’s important though. If you buy this at 9.99$/yr, Godaddy will protect your personal details from criminals or attackers. But, it’s quite bad that they don’t offer this privacy protection for free like Namecheap and Porkbun.

2. Godaddy Website Builder:-

Godaddy allows you to build your website and publish it from Godaddy. But the main disadvantage of this is that you will have limited features for customization. Whereas, Even If you don’t know how to code, you can make an awesome professional website in WordPress. So, it’s not recommended to use the Godaddy site builder for building your website.

Though Godaddy offers a free trial for that. So, if you like exploring new things, you should try that.

Email Hosting:- For creating and hosting email, Godaddy offers email hosting. There are three plans – startup, business, eCommerce. So, if you are not going to build a website or you are not going to buy hosting for your website, For personal email purposes, you can buy their plan.

These are all facts about Godaddy. If you don’t have a problem with domain privacy, you can go with Godaddy for buying domain names.

8. OVH:-


If you are located in Europe and You want a registrar to register a domain who is located in Europe, then OVH will be your solution. OVH is especially popular for its cloud server. Those who own a business website and are in need of huge resources, OVH is suitable for them.

Let’s see price overview of domain:-

First Year Price11.49$16.99$10.49$10.17$
Renewal Price11.49$18.19$14.49$27.99$

This is the price overview of OVH Domain pricing. They got some amazing deals for .com, .org but their .net price is quite high compared to other registrars.


1. DNS Anycast:-

It’s like premium DNS which will speed up your website and will open quickly to visitors. OVH charges 1.09$ per year for this feature. But at the beginning of your business, you don’t need to buy this.


 It’s a free but very useful service that OVH is providing. It protects your domain from DNS cache poisoning. Recently, Hackers have developed a method to poison DNS servers. It will help them redirect traffic from your server to their server. So, though it’s free but a very useful service that OVH provides for free.

They also offer hosting services as an add-on. Hosting is the primary business of them, So, if you like you can purchase their hosting. But remember, if you are a beginner, You should always go for those providers whose set up is quite easy. It will help you set up easily and quickly.

9. Hover:-

Hover Domain registrar

Hover is quite popular as a domain name registrar. They say “Everyone has their own thing, Our is domain names.” This sentence tells us how they might be popular as a domain registrar. Unlike other providers, they focus on the best and easy delivery of domain names.

Let’s see the price overview-

First Year Price12.99$15.49$13.99$25.99$
Renewal Price14.99$17.49$15.99$25.99$

This is a brief overview of Hover Domain registrar. Here, we have shown 4 domain extensions that are popular in the market. If you need any other domain extension you can visit their website.


They offer some other services with domain purchasing, if you like those services, you can purchase from them.

1. Forward Email:-

If you want to forward all the email that you will receive in your custom email, you can purchase this service. This will cost you 5$/year and you will be able to forward all emails to your existing email.

2. Mailbox:-

For receiving and sending email you need a mailbox and some storage in it. Hover offers 10GB storage for receiving and sending emails. This will cost you 20$/year, so if you need a mailbox and 10GB storage is sufficient for you, you can buy this addon.

3. Big Mailbox:-

Big Mailbox offers 1TB storage. As I already told above that if 10GB is sufficient for you, you can purchase the above plan. But if 10GB is not sufficient for you and you need some more storage then you should go with this plan.

4. Privacy Protection:-

Hover offers free domain privacy protection. That’s great because you don’t have to pay extra money for hiding your personal details.

So, Hover is also one of the recommended domain registrars where you can register your domain name safely and securely. Though the price in Hover is quite costly, yet it’s affordable.

10. Gandi.net:-

Gandi Us domain provider

Gandi is a french company that provides domain registration, web hosting, and other related services. Gandi is a reliable and old company providing domain registration services since 1999. So, if you are willing to buy domain names, You can choose Gandi as your registrar because it provides many things with domain registration.

Let’s see price overview,

First Year Price15.50$18.50$9.99$33$
Renewal Price15.50$18.50$24.41$33$

So, this is the price overview of Gandi Domain Registrar. Though the price of domains is quite high here, but they also offer some amazing services for free.

With every domain registration you will get-

1. Two Mailboxes with 3GB storage:-

While in other registrars, you had to purchase Mailboxes or storage, here, Gandi is providing free 3GB storage for you. So, if you have a personnel or portfolio website and you need an email for that, We think it’s quite sufficient.

2. Unlimited Aliases and Forwarding:-

You can create unlimited aliases and do domain forwarding for free. Gandi is providing this free.


In OVH section we have described DNSSEC. It will protect your domain from Domain poisoning. 

Though the price of domain names in Gandi.net is quite high, but we are also having so many amazing deals over there. So, Gandi is really worth the money that it is asking for.


Here is the list of best and cheapest domain registrars. Have you got any better registrar than above listed all? Comment below, so we can add that registrar also.

So, after all the research and comparison, you yourself can decide that porkbun is the best and cheapest domain registrar if you want to buy domain only. But if you want to buy a domain and hosting from the same provider, then you can’t find a better provider than Bluehost because Bluehost gives one free domain name with its hosting plan

If you think that the price of Bluehost is quite high and you can’t afford it, GreenGeeks is the next better choice. It also offers a domain name for free for 1 year. And if you buy a domain and hosting from the same provider, It becomes easy in many steps, You don’t have to manage all the technical configuration like nameserver, Ip configuration, etc If you are a beginner. But if you know all these things, Then Buy the domain name from Porkbun and Buy hosting from the siteground.

Still, have a question? Comment below your doubt and we will solve asap!


1.Which domain extension should I buy?

You should buy .com extension if you want to rank globally. Dot com domain extension is widely popular. But if your business focuses any particular country, you can buy country level domain name.

2. Should I buy domain and hosting from same provider?

There will be no problem if you buy a domain and hosting from different providers. But if you buy from the same company, it will be connected quickly, so you don’t have to wait.
Also, if you are a beginner, it can be complex for you all the steps, So it’s recommended for you. If you want to buy a domain and hosting from the same provider, Go with Bluehost or GreenGeeks, They offer a free domain name for a year.

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