How to index posts immediately in Bing

We all know that Bing is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. So, who doesn’t want to see their posts in Bing search? In this post, we are going to show you how to index your posts immediately in bing.

In earlier Bing offered to submit 10,000 URLs per day in bing webmasters. But now, Bing has made it easier for wordpress users.

Bing has launched a plugin named “ Bing Url Submission Plugin” for all the wordpress users. That means from now you will be able to submit URL from your wordpress dashboard. You don’t need to go webmasters again and again to submit your recent post URL.

Here are some extra features this plugin has.

  • You can turn on or off for automatic submission. That means whenever you post a new article, this plugin will automatically submit your URL to the Bing index.
  • You can also view all the recent submitted URLs from the plugin.
  • If you find any error in any recent submission, you can retry the failed submission from the plugin.
  • If you want to analyze all the recent submission, whether they worked or not, You can download all the recent URL submissions.

Now, as you have already come to know how beneficial this plugin is, This is the time to set up this plugin in your WordPress website.

How to set up bing URL submission plugin

Setting up this plugin is very easy, but let us tell you the most efficient way so that you will not face any problem regarding this.

First of all, open your wordpress dashboard and click on add a plugin. Now search Bing Url submission Plugin. Or you can download by clicking here.

Bing URL Submissions Plugin

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Now install and activate this plugin.

After that, you have to generate  API in order to connect that plugin. For generating Api, First login to your bing webmaster and click on the setting button.

Bing webmaster

Now click on API access > API Key > Generate API key.

Done! Now you will get an API key of 32 digits.

Now come to your WordPress plugin dashboard and click on setting.

Plugin setting

After clicking on setting you will see an interface where you will have the option for entering 32 digit API key.

Now enter your API here and connect. Now, you will get the main interface where all the work will be done.

Index post fast in bing

From here you can enable or disable automatic URL submission. In the below, you will see the report of all the submitted URL.

You will be able to submit a maximum of 10 URL/day for instant indexing, else you can do manual URL submission.

So, This is the process of the Bing URL Submission plugin. In this way, you can index your posts immediately on bing. If you find this post helpful please let us know in the comment section or if you have any problem setting up this plugin, comment down below.

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