How to update theme and plugin from a zip file

Destination folder already exists. Are you also facing the same issue while trying to update your theme or plugin from a zip file? If yes then stop here and read the full guide on how you can update theme and plugin from a zip file easily and it’s free.

There are many theme and plugin store which doesn’t allow to update it from wordpress panel. Those are mostly paid plugin, for that you get the zip file downloaded from them.

Update Theme And Plugin From Zip File

First, let us show you what type of message you will get whenever you want to update. Here we are using google site kit plugin, as it has released an update.

Plugin update notification

Now, We will go to and download the google site kit plugin and try to update it manually.

Here is what we have found.

Destination folder already exists

This is the problem you are facing too. Right? Let’s find a solution then. Go to your plugin section> add new > search “Update theme and plugin from zip file”.

Update theme and plugin from zip

Then install and activate that plugin. Now let’s see some settings of this amazing plugin.

Plugin setting

Here is a simple setting. If you want to have a backup of the previous version of the theme and plugin, then activate this setting. This will save one copy of the older version in the wordpress upload directory or theme upload directory.

Now, we have uploaded the same google site kit plugin manually. Let’s see what happens now.plugin Installed successfully

Amazing! The zip file is installed successfully. That means the plugin worked well. So, this is how we can update from a zip file. Thanks to Jeff Sherk and his developers’ team for making this amazing plugin.

Also, If this plugin helps you in any terms, you can donate and support the plugin owner and his team.




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