Astra theme has been suspended from wordpress for 5 weeks

We all know that Astra theme is very popular with over 1M+ active installations. But what happened that wordpress officially suspended this theme for 5 weeks.

Why WordPress suspended Astra

There are many requirements when you are making and publishing theme on wordpress. one of the requirements is that you can’t theme aren’t allowed to have any affiliate links.

But Astra did this mistake. WordPress claimed that it’s been 18 months, you are using affiliate link in your theme.

This is the main reason WordPress has suspended Astra for 5 weeks. After 5 weeks Astra has to contact WordPress, they will recheck and will make it available like before.

But the main fact is there are over 1M+ user who using this theme and they wait for daily updates.

To solve this issue, Astra has removed its all affiliate links or id from the theme and published the new zip.

They are trying to resolve this case as soon as possible. Let’s see How much time it really takes. Be with us and we will update you with the latest news.

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