Siteground Review | Performance Test Report

Nowadays, Siteground is considered as one of the popular hosting provider for many reasons.

Today, We will not only review the siteground hosting by its description on their own, rather we will verify all the information they have mentioned.

We will use some third party websites to measure the accuracy they have claimed in their service. Also, we can expect that it will pass all the tests as 2M websites on the internet use their hosting service.

Before we give the result, first have a look at what they claimed or what specification they have claimed to give with their hosting service.

Features Of Siteground Hosting

Here we will discuss the specifications that siteground offers and with that statement we will verify if they are true or not.

Siteground Prices & Features Of Each Plan

Below we are mentioning all the plans of siteground shared hosting. The reason to pick up the shared hosting plans for tests is that it is very popular and suitable for various kinds of business.


For what type of business siteground is good?

Yes, Siteground a is very good and popular hosting company. That doesn’t mean that it will be perfect for any type of business.

As we are talking about shared hosting plan, So, not every business suitable for shared hosting plan. In that case, you can use cloud and dedicated plan of siteground.

Let’s have a look at those businesses which are suitable.

  • A blog website.
  • Portfolio type of website
  • Small online stores
  • For professional bloggers
  • For designers who want to make great website design
  • For developers and so on……

When it’s not suitable for you?

Sometimes this hosting will be suitable for you. Below is the list.

  • If you have a very low budget.
  • If you need windows based servers.
  • If you need lots of web-space then shared hosting plan isn’t a good choice.
  • If you expect very high traffic then the cloud hosting would be a good option.

Performance Test Of Siteground Hosting

As we already told that after we describe all the features of siteground shared hosting plan, We will start verifying it with some third party website or applications.

Here we will use some third-party website like Gtmetrix, Pingdom for checking up-time and speed from different locations.

1. Uptime Test

After testing siteground hosting for a long time, we get a good response on uptime. 

Even, siteground offers a some money if the uptime of their hosting becomes lower than 99.9%. So, based on this commitment you can assume that you will have a good uptime on their hosting services. And the main things is that that commitment of money return is applicable for all their hosting plans including shared hosting plans.

Let’s have a look on their uptime stats.

January 202099.93%
December 2019100%
November 2019100%
October 2019100%
September 201999.99%
August 201999.99%
July 201999.98%
June 201999.99%
May 201999.98%
April 2019100%
March 201999.99
Siteground Uptime Status

2. Speed Of Siteground Hosting

After using for so long time, we must have to agree that siteground is on of the fastest hosting. Comparing to other hosting we have seen more consistency on speed on siteground.

As we all know that speed is a very strong factor for ranking as well as user experience. So to choose a good web host we have to look at the speed. That’s the reason we recommend siteground, so that you will not face any issue regarding speed.

Here is the siteground load time test

MonthLoad Time
January 2020645 ms
December 2019571 ms
November 2019630 ms
October 2019550 ms
September 2019653 ms
August 2019610 ms
July 2019571 ms
June 2019608 ms
May 2019624 ms
April 2019682 ms
March 2019690 ms

3. Free SSL & CDN integration

Google announced that Having an SSL for website is the best practice Also, it’s a ranking factor.

SSl keeps your site more secured and it secures the data given by the user on the website.

But, we should thank siteground for providing this free. Else, we would have to purchase that.

Also, you can avail CDN( Content Delivery Network) integration for free. 

4. Customer Support

Among all features, if we consider “support” is to be a feature, Then it’s the most important.

You don’t know when you are going to face any critical problem or issues. At any time you may need support.

Siteground is always ready to support you. You can chat with them, call with them and they will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

They are available for 24/7. So, you don’t need to worry for anything wrong which may happen to your website.

Final Talk On Siteground Review

After trying it for year, we can undoubtedly say that siteground is one of the best hosting service out there.

Though they have increased their prices, we expect they have improved their services like better server, better security etc. Also, There are so many features and their support team is just awesome. That’s the reason siteground is recommended by WordPress itself.

If you are planning to create a website on anything like for a blog, for a small business etc, you can buy siteground.

Do you still have any doubt or any quries like their uptime, speed? You can contact us via contact us page. Though we keep updating this page month to month.

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